History and Vision

Founded in 1978 by a gift from The Cullen Foundation, The Cullen Trust for Health Care is a support organization granting financial assistance to institutions providing health care services in the greater Houston area. Board members from three local hospital systems are appointed to the Cullen Trust Board of Trustees to represent the beneficiary class. Since inception, the Cullen Trust for Health Care has awarded over $100 million in grants.

Our vision is for the greater Houston area to have an integrated health care system that provides the highest quality care to the greatest number of people.

With this vision in mind, the Cullen Trust for Health Care invests in innovative and collaborative programs and institutions within the greater Houston area that:

  • Expand access to care by ensuring primary care is available to all, is integrated with behavioral health, and is community-centered with the goal of preventing illness and trauma in communities instead of treating their results in hospitals
  • Train the next generation of providers
  • Undertake needed, cost-effective medical research
  • Partner with other organizations to strengthen service provision and maximize research results while avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort
  • Provide world class facilities in which to accomplish these endeavors